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 Google Wave: Planning an Event

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Google Wave: Planning an Event   Wed Oct 19, 2011 10:11 am

Google Wave: Planning an Event

Let's say I wanna plan a barbecue with my friends.
I'll create a new Wave...
...and I'll add Greg as a participant.
Greg open the Wave.
Greg can reply anywhere on the Wave.
When I have the Wave open I can see what Greg types as he types it.
I'll add Anna to the Wave.
She can see everything we see.
Because it's a hosted conversation, anyone on the Wave can edit any part of the Wave.
You can see Greg and Anna editing right now.
If I close the Wave and they keep editing it,...
...their changes will be highlighted when I come back.
Let's say I wanna invite my friends to the barbecue, I'll create a new Wave.
I wanna know if they can attend so I'm going to add a Yes/No/Maybe Gadget to this Wave.
Gadgets are a way to present and collect information other than text.
Now, I'll add a group of my friends to the Wave, the Waves.
Everyone in the group can see the Wave when are online and respond.
You can see responses coming in now.
Why does Dan always say no to my barbecues?
If I wanna show people where the barbecue is,...
...I can highlight the address and add a map.
As I zoom in, you can see Greg's map changes too.
Any developer can build these gadgets.

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Google Wave: Planning an Event
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